My Love Affair with Georgetown Chinatown

I am enraptured with Chinatown, the heart of Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia. I cannot deny my shameless bias for all things Chinese in multicultural Malaysia. Because I spend part of every year in China, I feel right at home in Chinatown everywhere but this one is special. Living in Penang for a month, I was drawn back almost every day to the streets and alleys and shops of Chinatown where I feasted with all my senses.


Feasted on the architecture – the shophouses, some still in use, some neglected, some treasured.


Feasted on all the signature details and designs on doors and floors and everywhere in between


Feasted on the street art and the messages posted on walls

Feasted on the food and the fascinating ambiance of the local restaurants

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice restaurant and museum – not technically in Chinatown

Hon Kei Food Corner – amazing noodle soup

Tai Tong Restaurant – a favorite for food and lanterns

Feasted on the symbolism and traditions of Buddhist culture


I was tantalized by closed doors and open passageways.


Overwhelmed by a riot of colors and textures

Blending right in!

Overdosing on the public art and street murals.


It took many days to see most of Chinatown, but only a few hours to fall in love.

There is more at photoblog of my 35 days of adventure in Penang.

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