Hongchun Ancient Village – First and Best

I was dazzled and often speechless.  Working at USTC in 2012, I was included in a bus trip off to see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hongchun and Xidi against the backdrop of Huangshan – an iconic mountain resort.  I took some of my favorite China photos there. You’ll see why.

Life revolved around this placid pond.

Down the side streets were shops selling China relics.

And vivid images of timeless China.

This where we found the ubiquitous street food vendors, the essence of life in urban China.

Throughout Hongchunzhen, I was enchanted by the umbrellas.

And more enchanted by the children.

Xidi – another ancient town – was just down the road.

And then on to Huangshan – iconic Yellow Mountain resort in Anhui and one of China’s four sacred mountains.

When I look back, I still can’t believe this is China. So lush and serene.

This is where my addiction to ancient villages and river towns began.

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