The Allure of Lijiang

Words are inadequate to describe Lijiang in remote Yunnan, so just a bit of context before my photo blast.  Lijiang Ancient Town is perched on a sidehill, with a serious of streams and canals cascading down through lanes and shops, guesthouses and restaurants, huge squares and tiny alleys.  At the top of the village is the Waterwheel, emblematic of Lijiang, next to a large parking lot for tour buses and hotel guests that are here in droves to see the World Heritage Site.

As I wander up and down, watching my feet on the steps and small bridges, wondering at views down alleys and up long stairs, pausing to watch the dancers and ponder delightful things to buy, I find myself totally mesmerized and totally lost.  I  literally had to be rescued.  Such is the allure of Lijiang.


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