Xi’an is for Foodies

Xi’an is famous for the Terracotta Warriors – a feast for the eyes.  But another kind of feast is the fabulous food of Xi’an.  I was tempted and treated from morning to night.   In the case of food – I believe a picture is worth a thousand words.


Stepping out my hotel door, I found myself in a delightful morning market where the locals bought and sold food for the day’s meals.  It stays open only for a few hours and then disappears.


Moving on for a neighborhood stroll, the morning side streets shops offered more temptations. No I didn’t try the spicy duck intestines.  But I did really enjoy the dumplings fried in cheese.


Lunch  was a taste of all the local specialities – it seemed – under the guidance of my guide and driver for the day.


And then, in early evening,  I joined a group for a foodie tour of the Muslim Quarter in the heart of old Xi’an.  We ate ourselves silly – hand-made noodles, bbq mishkat, steamed dumplings and sweet bean soup – all halal for the Islamic residents of the neighborhood.  I can heartily recommend the Lost Plate evening tuk tuk tour


I first discovered the joy of noodle soup in Pingyao – a big bowl filled with homemade noodles, veg and some meat – usually beef. It is spicy and filling and GENUINE comfort food for a traveller.  The noodle soup – called “me-ahhh” – became a daily regime for me – because it is available everywhere, always delicious and I can pronounce it!  Me’ah for me please!  And that’s the way I ended my day.




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