The 5 Flags of the Permanent Traveler

We all have a flag  – the country that holds our passport and our heart – Flag 1.  But there are other “flags” that make it possible to be a PT – Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, “Prior Taxpayer.”  With credit to Nomad Capitalist, the logic of the 5 Flag Theory is this:  you may go where you are treated best. Every time you base a … Continue reading The 5 Flags of the Permanent Traveler

TravelEd – my sites for China travel

March 2018 These are sites and services I can recommend for travel in China.  But before you go: Critical web`tools and apps Be sure to download at least 2 free VPN before you leave home, maybe even a paid service.  So many sites you are used to are blocked:  Google, Facebook, …. Be sure to get a China sim card in the airport and let … Continue reading TravelEd – my sites for China travel

From FuturEd to TravelEd

From FuturEd to TravelEd – here’s my emerging travel website and blog philosophy. Well, it’s maybe not a real philosophy – it’s the sum of “5W and H” I blog today in February 2018.  I say this because by blog/website is new, so I get new ideas and make changes every day it seems.  Today, I have been challenged to put this in writing because … Continue reading From FuturEd to TravelEd