4373 Reasons to Ride The Shanghai – Lhasa Express

From the first moment I saw this map, I was determined to make this trip.  Not so much because I wanted to see Lhasa – that was a bonus – but because it seemed to me I could see most of China in one go!  4373 kilometers of China in the comfort of a modern train!  For 48 hours, I would press my nose to … Continue reading 4373 Reasons to Ride The Shanghai – Lhasa Express

The Texture of Tibet – Lhasa 2017

I know that Lhasa is a spiritual center. I have only been a tourist – albeit an official one.  You cannot visit Lhasa without a permit.  When I asked why, they said: “well, you know….” I think it was because Lhasa is a spiritual center.  But for me, it was a short collection of images and textures that somehow portray Tibet spirituality to me. Above … Continue reading The Texture of Tibet – Lhasa 2017

Let me show you Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

  I have a weakness for ancient river towns in China. I love them and you will see why! Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is – on one hand – a major tourist attraction, and people flock  into town to stroll the alleys, enjoy the local cuisine, and ride the canal boats.   And to shop…Zhouzhang is famous for it’s wine, among other things.   All sorts … Continue reading Let me show you Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Tulou – Fascinating Fujian Forts

The Fujian tulou, from where I live in Hefei, are a 6 hour high speed train, a 1 hour local train, then a 2 hour drive up winding mountain roads under repair. I had concluded I was completely lost when suddenly they appeared as we dropped into a wide, forested mountain valley just before sunset.  Large forts, both round and square, 3 or 4 stories … Continue reading Tulou – Fascinating Fujian Forts

Unexpected Funeral in Fujian

While exploring the fascinating tulou in Fujian, I came upon this. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Outside the tulou, there were elaborate floral arrangements.   People were coming and going, but I noticed a smaller house in the middle and I was directed to go inside. That’s what made it Unexpected. I have been shooed away from funeral spectacles before.   Fascinating – and … Continue reading Unexpected Funeral in Fujian

Long weekend in Beijing – my 2017 pilgrimage

It’s a spring holiday at the university, so I make my 2017 pilgrimage to glorious Beijing. A long weekend in Beijing starts with a 5-hour train trip from Hefei. Photos are hard to capture at 208 kms per hour! This time I am staying at the Lu Song Yuan Hotel in the Banchang Hutong. It’s just off the end of Nanluoguxiang Hutong where I have … Continue reading Long weekend in Beijing – my 2017 pilgrimage