Dr Kathryn Chang Barker – kcbarker

I love Oman and when I’m there I use Twitter to share its wonder – @OmanMy2Home

I travel often.  I use Twitter to share my enthusiasm – @kbarker2020  and my quick impressions on Instagram  as kcbarker_adventurer.

Through experience, I have become a spa expert.  At TheSpaReview.com I review and rate spas worldwide.  My comments are posted on  Twitter @TheSpaReview,   on TheSpaReview blog, and on Facebook.

My lifelong passion – my art – has been interior design and decorating.  You can see my best work at Gypsy Chicken Productions.

Professionally, I am a consulting education futurist, my ePortfolio is on Linked In and at FuturEd, my thoughts and inspirations are shared on Twitter and on Facebook.