Fascinated by Fabrics

Romanced. I have been seduced by the look and feel of the fabrics and notions I find in the souq in Muscat.

And now I have become curious about these fabrics. How did Omanis come to love the colors? Where did the fabrics come from? Did Oman ever produce materials for clothing?

I’ve seen these fabric maps of continents – the patterns or designs typical of each region.

What would a fabric map of Oman look like?

I don’t know. But I hope to find someone who does. It could be related to the regional styles, still recognized today.

Even more curious is the case of medicinal fabrics, like this one example from China.

Are there places in Oman where they dyed fabrics with medicinal herbs? I need to know.

It seems this may be a place to start to understand.

I think the fabrics must have been imported, traded for dates and pearls. But much of the trim and has been hand made, and for various purposes.

I repurpose these khanjar belts to become trim on my coats.

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