Bright and Bold Women of Oman

Women of Oman have a gorgeous tradition of bold and bright color combinations.

In fact, Omani women can be more bold and creative than most!

Like beautiful birds, women have always like to show off their multi-color dresses and accessories.

From an early age, there is an appreciation of color and jewelry.

They may wear a burqa, but it is not always a simple face cover.

A poster in the museum shows how women’s costumes differ from region to region.

Photos of intriguing women inspire too.

It is only natural, then, that my creations reflect and celebrate this.

The Amaryllis Collection from kcbDesigns.

One thought on “Bright and Bold Women of Oman

  1. Kathryn, you have created beautiful renditions of historical and meaningful Omani women’s clothing. Every piece tells a story. Your vision and results are innovative. 💞


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