AmberCollection – the Logo Story

The story ends here:

But it started with a love for shells, especially the inner workings…

It added to a huge respect for Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean

But it took its shape from an image that haunted me until I accepted it as my Sacred Geometric Mean – an image for #kcbDesigns.

The Amber Collection is a collaboration with my family in Oman to sell some kcbDesigns.

For the Amber Collection, I played with it my image, and it morphed and morphed..

Into this!

You’ll see it again for the Aqua Collection – kcbDesign bags and accessories.

And the Amethyst Collection – my kcbDesigns gowns.

Amazing what you can do with the free apps on your phone!

One thought on “AmberCollection – the Logo Story

  1. I love the story of the AC logo. You are so open and patient for inspiration. Can hardly wait to see the bags and accessories! I absolutely love the AC. Especially the red gold colours!


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