Al Bustan – Garden by the Sea

I can live anywhere in the world and I choose Al Bustan – a fishing village on the edge of Muscat in Oman. This is where and how I spend my time when I am not travelling.

It is exquisite by day.

And even more exquisite by night.

We share the beach in front with the Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Hotel and the deep mountain valley behind with the Majlis Al Shura – like the Oman Parliament Buildings. Nice neighborhood!

One small mountain over is the marina where Mazin works and two small mountains over is the private beach where I work on my suntan.

A short drive will take us to another beach at Sifa.

The Omani coastline here is a set of ragged mountains dropping into the sea… some like giant sand dunes melting, some like defiant stone fortresses. They strangely mix together.

Our life in Al Bustan is prescribed by the stellar sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset.

Sometimes waiting for sunrise to fish at YitiWatching the light change on the rock featuresAnd the occasional outings.. a night of dancingA day at the carpet marketAn afternoon at the Perfume ShowWith lunch at the delightful Kargeen restaurantAnd hours in our beautiful home with dear friends and neighbors.

From so many perspectives, Al Bustan still seems so exotic to me.

In English, al bustan means garden. This Al Bustan is #OmanMy2Home.