Making Memories of Qatar in Doha

Doha is an amazing city. It didn’t even exist a few decades ago. And look at it now!!

Here is that pyramid-shaped hotel today – still vibrant, still iconic on the Doha skyline.

Doha has had wise leadership and lots of resources, so, as an ultramodern city, it offers every conceivable opportunity to make memories – many that the world knows all about.

I am biased. I have no interest in sporting events or shopping malls. Doha was my home for 2 years, and I have really great memories of the arts and culture, history and traditions, the desert and the surrounding sea, the lovely Qatari people.

Here are my suggestions for where to make memories of your own in Qatar’s capital city.

You must visit and revisit Souq Waqif – the heart and soul of Doha, old and new. Here is a post to Make Your Own Memories in Souq Waqif!

And you must explore outside the city of Doha. Here’s a post go stimulate your adventures in the desert and the coastline of Qatar.

But there is so much to see and do inside the city of Doha.

Start with a walk on the corniche in the center of the action.

Stopping the middle, pivotting left and right, you can see the original core of Doha.

At one end is the new commercial city centre of business towers.

At the other end is the iconic Museum of Islamic Arts.

In the middle, you can meander on the docks among the dhows in the large natural harbour where you will find working dhows

and luxury sailing dhows

and tourist excursion dhows, particularly appropriate for a short moonlight view of the city lights.

But if you turn away from the sea, the skyline before you is dominated by the spiral mosque.

And the captivating Souq Waqif

Next to the Amiri Diwan – like the House of Parliament.

Parades and marathons and family picnics are staged all along the corniche, but there is one spot that people seem to pass without noticing – intricate tiles and a complex mosaic paying homage to Qatar’s past.

The jobs and the habitat – most lost to modernity.

Art and creativity play a big role in Qatari culture. The Museum of Islamic Arts is a superb manifestation of that. Both the architecture and the ever-changing exhibits are inspiring. Who knows what you will see? Maybe Islamic artforms

Maybe the terracotta warriors on special exhibit from China

Maybe some exotic Persian art

The coffee shop is the perfect place to lunch and reflect on what Qatar has achieved.

MIA is one gathering place for outdoor festivals, and Ketara is another. Created near the Pearl residential community, it is a sprawling collection of beautiful structural creations

Highlighted by vivid images

Inspired by glamorous lighting

Ketara is where you will go to take in a cultural performance, like the compelling classical desert symphonies of Dana Al Fardan, a jewel in Qatar’s crown.

Wherever you turn, the art and architecture in Qatar is inspired and inspiring.

And sometimes mysterious – was this deliberate?

The stupendous skyline of Doha is ever-changing and constant construction is one irritation you may have to endure. Seven empty towers and another starting… endless noise.

Another may be a dust storm obliterating your view, but not for long.

Doha is famous for staging world-class events, but there are smaller notable events every day.

Cultural events and performances

Personal celebrations

Weather events

Memories of all types of rare and moving events!

Some of my favorite memories are of the stunning sunrise over the sea.

And stunning moonrise over that same sea.

Sunset making the cranes even look beautiful.

This photoblog is making me nostalgic. I will wrap up with some treasured memories of Doha and hope you have a chance to make your own.

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