7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

Oman offers a delightful mixture of things to do and see, taste and hear, feel and enjoy. Here’s a sample of 7 different delights I would share with you if you were here.

1. Beach time. The sea is fresh and cool in March, the sand is smooth and clean, and I know where to go to avoid the crowds.

We would pause to watch the local fishermen netting live bait in the shallows before going deep sea fishing.

2.  A cultural event.   Enjoy a gift from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos – The Royal Opera House – this time featuring the first Muscat World Folk Music Festival.

Introducing the folk music of Oman to the world. First from Nizwa, the ancient inland capital of Oman.

And then from Sur, where traditional dhows are still built.

But also introducing world music to Oman: Georgia, Azerbijan, New Zealand and others.

3.  Delicious fine dining. We would have dinner at the Rozna restaurant. Modeled after Oman’s distinctive forts, the gorgeous restaurant serves authentic food that even my Omani family heartily approves of. Great ambiance, great style, and great presentation.

4.  Architectural and spiritual haven.  As guests, we would be amazed at the magnificence of the Grand Mosque, taking time to bask in the glorious light.

To examine the exquisite details.

To appreciate the impressive dimensions.

And the timeless geometric designs.

Maybe taking time to appreciate our blessings in solitude.

Or to contemplate the future blessings.

Knowing life is such a gift!

5.  Historical reminder.  We would walk the corniche and observe the traditional architecture that has been carefully preserved….from before and after.

6.  Al Bustan in the moonlight.  We would worship the sweet Omani moonrise. Feast on lamb burgers with humous and mint. Listen to the chirp of crickets in the garden and the surge of the sea not so far away. Relax in the bliss of the moon balcony at Bait Al Bustan.

7.  Road tripping adventures.  We would take a day trip to the villages and mountain roads edging on the city of Muscat.  We would…

Pause at Fanja, with its old stone towers, falaj gardens, and pottery souq

Edge along the mountain roads

Stumble upon Al Ghasham House Museum with tales, from the past both inside and out, told by our lovely guide Suad. (We think we were at Sultan Qaboos University at the same time. Oman can be a delightfully small world!)

Remember the Rozna traditional restaurant? I learned from Suad that “rozna” is the name for an inset, arched shelf common to all old buildings.

Moving on….we would…

Deliberate…to swim or not to swim at the Athawarah Spring in the nature preserve? Seems the goat was reflecting on the same choices.

And finally,  we’d feel dwarfed by the massive Nakhal Fort. This is the fort featured on my Omani photoblog card.

And that was my week in #OmanMy2Home. ❤  I’m delighted to share the delights of Oman with you,

3 thoughts on “7 days, 7 delights in #OmanMy2Home

  1. I have never had bad food in Oman. It’s always been good no matter what the budget range I’ve gone for. And for perspective, for a food-proud Malaysian to say so, is something!


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