Bait Al Bustan – Creating Home in Oman



Last night we sat on the balcony in Al Bustan village and listened to the drums and bagpipes, clapping and chanting of the wedding near the beach.  It was enchanting, and it is one of the thousand reasons I chose to make a home here in Oman.

It started with a small apartment in the village – half of the second story of a villa which is the house (bait) for two amazing families.  We could be the third!

We live amongst palm trees – splendid views out of every window.  But the place needed renovations.  So….we started by enlarging the majlis (living room).  The very small window needed to be replaced and a wall removed to enlargen the majlis – and what a process that was! Omani houses are made of cinder brink and made to last!

And we wanted a balcony.  We used those along the Corniche in Muttrah as an inspiration.

So then it came time to decorate in a blend of traditional Omani fabrics and Western comfort furniture, inspired by the Six Senses Spa at the Ritz Carlton and the souq at Fanjar, and life by the sea.

Lots of shopping to find the right colors and light fixtures and furniture.  Omani houses typically are lit by fluorescent tube lights and I hate them with a passion.  They are so institutional and the white light feels like an interrogation room. They had to go!

And then the transformation began – before and after. The kitchen first because we love to cook!  It is tiny but it works.

And the hammams – had to get rid of the blue glass that made the bathrooms feel like disco toilets.

And the spare room – a mektab (office) for me and a workroom for the fisherman and a guest room for you!

The master bedroom – with ensuite and pass through dressing room has been decorated with modern bedouin luggage.

The long hallway is now a gallery.

Finally – the majlis  – where we entertain!

Before and after the transformation. And the party to celebrate completion!

Best of all – our fabulous balcony.  Where we can hear the wedding drumming at night and the chickens in the early morning and the sea when the wind makes waves crash on our beach, watching the sweet Omani full moon rise and soaking in the scent of camellias and Omani jasmine.

Sometimes when you are traveling, you find a place you like so much that you stop and put down roots. Lucky me to be in #OmanMy2Home.