Sunny London – the view from the bus

Miles of beautiful old stone buildings

But also the new city of London viewed from the Tower Bridge – 50 new glass towers to be built!
Often the new and old together – the Shard and the Tower of London
Three generations of office buildings in The City
Ageless St Paul’s Cathedral
Trafalgar Square – the geographic centre of London

Iconic Big Ben won’t be seen for a few more years
Westminster Cathedral – scene of so many royal weddings
Street banners everywhere in London

Piccadilly Circus – heartbeat of the city’s tourist attractions
Canada House – special to me!

Crossing the Tower Bridge
Guarding against tourist onslaught at the Palace
All we could see of Buckingham Palace from the bus 🙄
The London Eye – can be seen from everywhere
And then…the pub lunch!

The view from the bus is sweeping but it’s always the beautiful details we remember.